A little about me

RV, RVers, alternative lifestyle, sustainable living, Full-timers, living green, black, black woman, black man, outside the box
The Diplomat or better known as:
The Vintage RV June 2011

If I were to describe myself in a few words I’d say that I’m a black woman;

I live in a RV,

and most of the time, I love it.

Rv, alternative lifestyle, travel opportunities, Hollywood, black girl, black woman
Hollywood City!!

I’m also an avid reader & runner. New to cycling but I love the work out & the fact that it doubles as transportation. I’m on a journey towards complete sustainable living & economic freedom, starting with moving out of my apartment in May 2011 & into a RV, more widely known as a recreational vehicle or a motor home.


I am a black woman,

And I live in a RV.

The new baby, Big blue 2014

The weight of those two phrases were not so heavy to me in 2011 when I started this journey, as they’ve come to be in the four years I have lived this alternative lifestyle. Yes, I thought it was a little out there & I did expect for my friends & family to pretty much think I lost it. What I didn’t expect was to be a pioneer of sorts.

nature, wild, lake, RV
Observing the changing landscape 2011

A 24-year-old black woman & her 20-something partner, selling all their shit and moving into an RV. Because they wanted to. Yea. Sounds crazy. And if I can just keep it all the way real – Yes. Hell yea, you’d have to be a little nuts to live this differently in a society that demands you fall in line & do exactly what’s expected, when expected. Well, that’s never really worked for me.

On my path to a green & sustainable lifestyle it became pretty clear that green living really doesn’t have much space for brown & black bodies. And had I known myself, that transition would have been much easier for me in the beginning. Growing pains and all, I love this lifestyle. Searching for enlightenment & freedom, I feel that it’s important to share the triumphs and the adversities attached to this lifestyle. This off(or on)-the-grid, sustainable, outside the norm, cheaper option of a lifestyle. Life in small places means a life based on alternative living, not living life in an RV. This lifestyle allows for a lot flexibility and when done right, extra cash.

Basically, this is just an account of my march towards economic & spiritual freedom. Shrugs. No big deal. Stop in, stay awhile. I’ve got some things to say.


Updated 10/07/15  10:14 p.m. 


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Living life outside the (metaphorical) box