From seed to sprout

Once I got over the hurdle of “getting over the hurdle” I was finally able to wrap my mind around the fact that this ‘garden thing’ had to happen.  So, I got my nerve together.. and went out to buy seeds.  Not the most extreme first step I know, but hey I had to start somewhere!  I had my seeds and then I was ready!  For them to sit in my top kitchen drawer for another month…  There was just something about making the actual jump that was holding me back.  I mean, in the past I had never grown anything besides maybe the occasional flower.  And I think at best, that one was in a little pot with the seed already packed into the pot.  You know, one of those little deals you get from the dollar store.  And to be honest, I don’t think that one really sprouted either!  So I was nervous that I had no green thumb, thus my horrible procrastination.  When I finally felt like I had done enough research on the matter I started making my nursery pots.  I found a great tutorial on how to make newspaper pots that can be put directly into the ground once your plant is ready to go in the ground.  I had been working on my compost for a few months & it was ready to go!  So I made my pots, sowed my seeds & treated my dirt.

My first round of nursery plants I got a little nervous about planting, plus it was still winter and although Central California doesn’t really have a winter, it was still too cold to put them out.  So out of fear I kind of let a few plants go to the way side.  But I replanted nursery seeds at the end of December and was ready to ready to put them into the ground after the first frost in January.  Once in the ground, the plants just started showing out!  Image

I have carrots, mesculin lettuce, wild flowers and garlic that really took off.  I also planted basil, parsley and lavander, but those weren’t as willing to sprout as the garlic, carrot & lettuce.  This picture shows the wild flowers growing around the edge of the patch.  My bf’s statue ( a depiction of the greek god Saturn ) next to his right arm are the two garlic plants.  I planted garlic on the outside because certain pests do not like garlic and will (and have) stayed away from the crops for the most part.  Behind Saturn I have my mustard greens plant.  I am not prude-ish when it come to letting my plants grow.  The mustard plant has flowered and I love it.  I read that once your lettuce sprouts it no longer produces for you, but mine has plus I love seeing the bees come around to pollinate.


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