Mesculn & Carrots

These are the second round of mesculn plants I planted and a few leaves from my wild flowers are peeking up from the bottom of the picture.  We have three different kinds of lettuce on the borders & a nice little row of carrots in the middle. (Photo above)

My little oasis
Little oasis
Oh to be able to shrink down to an insect level and enjoy the view.
The crawlers at the front are wild flowers.  Behind those are leeks, and in the background about 4 mesculn plants.  I can’t wait to see the flowers pop up and give the patch a burst of color! (Photo on Left)
Second garden patch I grew. Hardpacked underneath the top layers of soil, so the plants had a harder time.

This is the second garden patch I started working on.  Unfortunately I did not work the dirt as well as the other side.  The land was very dry and had hardpacked dirt a few feet underneath the top layer.  It had a harder time, but still grew.  In the container is a yellow bell pepper plant that my neighbor gave to me,  I also have garlic along the edge, mesculn– I found with these plants that the mustard grows first and abundance!!  You can see that it is starting to sprout (grow flower bulbs) but I like it.  With the bee population dying off I’m all for extra flowers!  Plus, I love the smell.  Around the mesculn, in a rectangle, you can see the beginnings of wild flowers, a few weeds (cause hey! they’re just plants that we get without paying for the seeds 😉 and I still don’t know what those yellow ones are.  You see, I planted basil, peppers, parsley, and lavender in that area, but everything in this garden was grown from seed, directly into the dirt.  And I used very little store-bought dirt or of my own compost (mostly because there was simply not enough ready when I was planting).  I tried to do mounds, but between watering the plants, and my dog thinking it was a new special area I had made just for him, a lot of my seeds got scattered.  Here we are 3 or so months later, and I’m seeing parsley, basil and what I think are lavender and pepper plants popping up all “down shore” from the other garden.


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